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Thursday, June 24 2004

More Pork for the Corps

Yet more pork for the Army Corps of Engineers: the Kansas City Star reports that a $3.1 billion measure to expand the locks on the Upper Mississippi River has moved out of committee. (If you get a registration screen for the article, enter “register@kswildlife.org” as the user name and “topeka” as the password.)

This is one of those Army Corps projects that might have made sense forty years ago, but today is a waste of dollars no matter how you slice it. Two different investigations by the National Academy of Sciences and a White House audit have found that the assumptions behind the lock expansion are deeply flawed. The Corps says that the expansion is needed because more traffic is coming on the river - but no one else foresees that expansion in traffic.

The answer, as always, is to call the Kansas representatives and ask them what’s going on. Senator Brownback’s office is (202) 224-6521, and Senator Roberts’ office is (202) 224-4774.

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