2013 Fishing Regulations Summary Available Now

Fishing regulations summary pamphlet includes more than laws

Most avid anglers have several items – a special lure or a lucky hat – they won’t be caught fishing without. All should add the 2013 Kansas Fishing Regulations Summary to their “don’t-go-without” list. The 49-page, color pamphlet is available now wherever licenses are sold and can be downloaded

Of course, the summary includes important fishing regulations such as special seasons, creel and length limits, license fees and legal fishing methods. And there’s also a special section highlighting new regulations for 2013. This publication is a must-have for anglers because creel and length limits vary from lake to lake. The pamphlet includes a special 16-page section that lists all public waters, along with their location and any special regulations in effect. You can also see which community lakes don’t charge extra fees for fishing, and even which lakes provide the best family fishing experience. Community lakes designated as Family Friendly Facilities (FFF) will include flush toilet facilities, security patrols, security lighting, easy access to the water and do not allow alcohol.

Anglers will also find important information on aquatic nuisance species (ANS), as well as regulations governing the use of live baitfish. Five pages are devoted to fish identification, featuring color illustrations by Joe Tomelleri. Current state record fish are listed, and there is also a Master Angler Application for anglers who catch fish that qualify for the Master Angler Program.

The 2013 Fishing Regulations Summary pamphlet is truly a necessary item for anglers, and copies are available at more than 200 outlets statewide. Grab two copies, one for your tackle box and one for the boat, so you’ll never be without it.