Kansas Makes Bird Conservation a Felony

Dear Audubon Advocate,
The Kansas State Senate has passed a bill that takes aim at the Lesser Prairie-Chicken! It would make it a state felony for any U.S. Fish and Wildlife employee to engage in conservation work for this beleaguered bird.
Now this ill-conceived bill moves to the Kansas House Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee, and perhaps ultimately to the floor for a vote. We must stop it now!
Please send an email to your Kansas House legislator. Ask him/her to oppose SB 276, a bill that would make criminals out of U.S. Fish and Wildlife employees doing their job to conserve the Lesser Prairie-Chicken. Make sure your House legislator knows you support the conservation of birds and wildlife in Kansas!
The Lesser Prairie-Chicken is now only found in restricted areas of five states in the southern Great Plains. The Lesser Prairie-Chicken has experienced dramatic declines since the 1800s, as rangelands have been converted to agriculture, overgrazed, and affected by drought. Now more than ever the Lesser Prairie-Chicken needs strong conservation measures to ensure its survival.
Urge your Kansas Representative to vote “NO” on SB 276 and let the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service do its job to conserve this iconic American Plains bird.
Peg Olsen
Vice President, Central Flyway
National Audubon Society