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Outdoor  Adventure Camp (OAC) is a six-day summer camp for kids who either enjoy the  outdoors or want to learn more about it. This conservation education program is  co-sponsored by the Kansas Wildlife Federation and KSU Cooperative Extension  Service. This popular camp and educational opportunity has been operating since  1986.

If you are a Kansas  youngster who enjoys the outdoors, now is the time to make plans to attend  Outdoor Adventure Camp from the first Sunday in June through that Friday at the  Camp WaShunGa  area of Rock Springs Ranch, just south of Junction  City. The camp is open to boys and girls ages 10 to 12  that summer.

Mornings will be spent traipsing the  grounds at Camp WaShunGa  with instructors, getting a hands-on feel for how various critters and plants  live together in the ecosystem we call Kansas.  Afternoons are spent learning about several areas of the outdoors, including  mammals, insects, birds, fish and amphibians and reptiles. Ecology, wetlands,  riparian areas and watersheds are some terms you will learn about at this  unique camp.

Since the prairie does not go to  sleep at sundown, neither will you. Depending on the evening, you may be out  and about prowling for owls, stargazing, spotlighting spiders or watching bats  gobble bugs.

Other activities include scavenger  hunts, water sports including swimming and canoeing, fishing, shooting sports  including rifle, shotgun, muzzleloader, archery, and pellet gun. You’ll pick  your choices, or participate in all if you like.

The price of the camp includes all  food, instruction and lodging. A swimsuit, sleeping gear and clothes you’ll  wear for a week are about all you need to bring. Sunscreen, insect repellent, a  cap and water bottle also will come in handy. The price for the entire week is  $300. You may want to bring a little extra money for snacks or maybe souvenirs  at the Milford Hatchery and Nature  Center during a field trip.  Space is limited and the registration deadline is May 31.

Send your application and full fee  to Outdoor Adventure Camp, c/o Theresa Berger, 406 S. New  York Ave., Sylvan Grove, KS  67481. Checks should be  made payable to the Kansas Wildlife Federation. If you need more information or  an application, phone 785-526-7466.   Evenings are best, or leave a message on the machine.

Outdoor Adventure  Camp Application & Brochure

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