Outdoor Wildlife Learning Sites (OWLS)

Over 206 OWLS are living testimonials for establishing wildlife habitat on school sites that provide hands-on environmental awareness experiences for children of all ages. OWLS sites provide fantastic opportunities for learning more about nature through such activities as planting trees, establishing butterfly and hummingbird gardens, and creating wetlands for tadpoles.

Any school or youth organization can apply for the initial $2,000 OWLS grant for the development of an out-of-doors learning site. The first step is to obtain a copy of the guidelines and organize an OWLS committee to assist in the planning stage of your site. Most OWLS involve local sponsors, such as county extension agents, Natural Resource Conservation Service personnel and a district biologist from the Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism. Chances are excellent that your site will be funded, allowing you to experience the magic of these miraculous out-of-door learning sites. For a copy of the OWLS guidelines or additional information call (620) 672 – 0751. For a multitude of additional online information including OWLS Guidelines, resources, curriculum connections & more click here.