Repeal of Kansas Nongame and Endangered Species Conservation Act measure introduced and reported out of Senate Committee this morning without notice or hearing

Message from Audubon of Kansas Regarding Attempts to Repeal
the Kansas Nongame & Endangered Species Conservation Act.

We’ve never sent out a more urgent Legislative Alert! This morning, without warning, Senator Larry Powell, Chairman of the Senate Natural Resources Committee, attached an amendment to an unrelated bill that will (if passed) repeal the 1975 Kansas Nongame and Endangered Species Conservation Act. He was assisted in this effort by Senator Tom Arpke of Salina and Senator Caryn Tyson of Overland Park.

Timely emails and calls to Kansas state senators is likely the only thing that will halt this stealth attack on state designated nongame, threatened and endangered species conservation in Kansas. Most importantly, folks can contact Senate President Susan Wagle of Wichita to ask that she hold off any action on this measure, which was not introduced as a bill, had no hearing, and will be a train wreck for conservation and KDWPT in Kansas. Her office phone is 785-296-2419 and her email address is [email protected]

The other key senator who can stall this runaway train and prevent the train wreck is Senator Terry Bruce, Senate Majority Leader, from Hutchinson. He controls the agenda for senate floor action. His office phone is 785-296-2497 and his email address [email protected]

Contact information for other state senators can be found

The measure to repeal the Kansas Nongame and Endangered Species Conservation Act was reportedly attached as an amendment to House Bill 2118. It is unrelated, designed to eliminate regulation of property surrounding historic sites. See an outline on that bill below.

One can read more about the Kansas Nongame and Endangered Species Conservation Act at: