Soil Health workshop

The following workshop is an opportunity to learn more about water quality benefits of soil health improvement.

The workshop agenda and description is provided through the link below. The recent Gail Fuller Building a Healthy Soil Community presentation informed participants that a major key to improving our landscapes (and producer’s true profits) is to improve the carbon content in our agricultural soils, which can be done via purposeful management of vegetative diversity and reduced chemical inputs. These discussions may be helpful in getting a buy-in of landowners on some additional benefits to currently less popular (but impactful for Water Quality) Best Management Practices (BMPs). These concepts are also key in efforts to reduce nutrient loading and sediment/erosion in our watersheds. Similar concepts will be visited in the August 23rd workshop.

Among the topics: Ray Archuleta will present: Increased Soil Function Decreases Dependency on Chemical Inputs; and Dave Brandt will present Using Cover Crops to your Advantage. Other topics will include Livestock; Cover Crops and No-Till; non-GMO crops; and infiltration exercises.

The Soil Health workshop is scheduled for August 23rd at the Waverly Community Center in Waverly, KS. Registration is $50 (early bird date is July 31) or $75 at the door. Go to the following link for details and a registration form: