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New NWF Kids’s Magazine and Special Offer for Affiliates

For the first time in Ranger Rick’s 50-year history, beginning readers (ages 4 to 7) can enjoy a Ranger Rick magazine designed specifically for their interests and reading skills. Called Ranger Rick Jr., the new National Wildlife Federation publication uses eye-catching photos and simple, easy-to-follow text to introduce young children to the amazing world of animals.

To mark the debut of Ranger Rick Jr.—and to thank you for your long-time support of NWF’s children’s magazines (e.g., sharing copies at events, promoting content via social media, etc.)—we’d like to extend a special offer:

From now until January 15, 2013, NWF affiliate staff, volunteers and members may subscribe to Ranger Rick (ages 7 to 12) or Ranger Rick Jr. for $12—40% off the regular subscription rate ($19.95) and 70% off the newsstand price ($3.99/issue).

To access this special offer (or share it with your colleagues and members), please use this link:


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Cover image of Ranger Rick Jr.

Cover image of Ranger Rick

If you have any questions about this offer, please feel free to reach out to Kelly at[email protected].