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The 2013 Kawnivore Canoe & Kayak Race

June 22nd marks the 2013 Kawnivore, a 34 mile canoe and kayak race on the Kansas River from Topeka toLawrence. The event will begin with a le mans start at 9:00 a.m. at the Topeka Coffer Dam (river mile 87) and end at theKU Rowing Boathouse (river mile 53). Savor the final miles of the upper Kaw with channel-hunting, sandbar-dodging and snag-scouting all the while supporting Friends of the Kaw.

Registration is open and can be completed online at T-shirts, goodie bags, and post-race meals are provided to all participants. Trophies will be given to all 1st through 3rd place finishers. A handmade Thetis Paddles single blade paddle, an Epic double blade paddle and other prizes are available drawing items to all racers.

If you’re not interested in competing, feel free to come watch the start and finish. Post-race meals are alsoavailable to non-racers at a suggested minimum $5 donation. If you’re interested in volunteering with the event, contact Christina Ruiz at [email protected].

Another Bird Guide for Kids

Paul J. Baicich

Birding Community E-bulletins

Sometimes when it rains, it pours. This time, it’s a shower of bird books for youngsters.

The latest entry is the NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC KIDS BIRD GUIDE of NORTH AMERICAby Jonathan Alderfer (National Geographic, 2013). This is an introduction to 100 fascinating birds ofNorth America, organized by region – e.g., eastern, western, southern – and by habitat – e.g., back-yard, city, farm, beach, swamp, river, desert.

Given the limited length of the book – 176 pages – the organization is well done. And the individual species profiles not only have the requisite categories of description, voice, food, habitat, and range (with maps), but also clever factoids on everything from diet, to history, to nesting, display, and preservation.

If the organization is well done, the presentation is less so. The pages are loud, busy, and ultra-bright, with background colors – e.g. yellow, orange, and red – that almost scream. How can the subtleties of some bird colors compete when the background is so bold?  Photos of Bushtit, California Towhee, and American Dipper almost get lost.

This is not the author’s fault, however. This design is the pattern for just about all the National Geographic Kids books, be they little volumes on “Weird but True,” “National Parks,” “That’s Gross,” “Big Cats,” or “Myths Busted.”

If you – and your favorite kids – can get beyond the design/colors, you may still get to appreciate other fine parts of the book, including sections on building a bird-feeder or bird-bath, how to draw a bird, and six things you can do to help birds.

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The Coleman Company joins Bass Pro Shop and QUWF to help sponsor the KWF Day Camp at TimberRidge

The Coleman Company joins Bass Pro Shop and the Quail & Upland Wildlife Federation to help sponsor the Kansas Wildlife Federation’s Day Camp for boys & girls (10-12 years old) at TimberRidge on June 12th, 2013.

The Application, the Johnson County Liability Waiver and the Health & Participation forms below must be signed and mailed to Ted Beringer (cell 913-484-0109) at the address below no later than Friday, June 7th or brought to TimberRidge on June 12th.

Application for the Kansas Wildlife Federation Day Camp
       at TimberRidge Adventure Center, June 12th, 2013,
                      for boys & girls (10-12 years old)
The application fee is $25.00.   Please return this form with a check made payable to
 “Ted Beringer, Kansas Wildlife Federation” to the following address:
Ted Beringer, Kansas Wildlife Federation
15313 W. 80th Terrace
Lenexa, KS 66219
Please send the application fee no later than May 21st.  A receipt will be sent to your email address. A full refund will be returned to you if I receive your notice of cancellation on June 10th or before. However, the fee will not be reduced if your child is late for the event or must depart early. The Day Camp begins promptly at 9 am.
Please provide the following information:
Name of parent or guardian attesting that the boy or girl is 10-12 years old: ­­­­­­­­­________________________________________________________________
Phone number(s) of parent or guardian: ________________________________________________________________
Name of boy: ________________________________________________________________
Name of girl: ________________________________________________________________

The TimberRidge Adventure Center is located at:

12300 S. Homestead Ln, Olathe, KS 66061
Johnson County Park and Recreation Waiver Statement
WAIVER STATEMENT: The undersigned states that he/she understands that the Johnson County Park and Recreation District is not and shall not be responsible for or liable for any illness, or injury to person or damage to property resulting from the program in which the undersigned is enrolling or being enrolled or from his/her participating in said program, and the participant and the undersigned, if the participant is a minor or under other legal disability, hereby forever releases and holds harmless the said Johnson County Park and Recreation District, it’s employees, agents and representatives from any and all claims of any kind that the participant, or the undersigned or their respective heirs, executors, administrators, or assigns may have or claim to have resulting from participation in said program. NOTICE: By enrolling in this program you hereby acknowledge the Johnson County Park and Recreation District can and may photograph and/or video tape program participants and then use such images, without payment or any other consideration, for purposes of publicizing District parks, facilities, programs or services, or for any other lawful purpose. (Registration is invalid without signature.)
I have read and I understand the Waiver Statement
X ___________________________________________________             X ___________________________________________
Signature of Parent or Guardian                                                                        Participant Name

This Waiver Statement is for the summer of 2013, 5/28/2013-8/2/2013

Health and Participation Form 
Group: Kansas Wildlife Federation Day Camp at TimberRidge Date: 6/12/2013
Attendee’s Name: _______________________________________________
List below any physical condition the doctor, EMT, nurse, TimberRidge staff or Kansas Wildlife Federation staff should be aware of. (All information will be kept confidential.) Check conditions present and list any pertinent information.
__ insect stings__ diabetes__ heart condition__ ear infection
__ fainting spells__ headaches__ allergies (explain)___________________________
__ asthma
allergic to any drugs (please list) ____________________________________________________________________
prescribed medicines presently taking ________________________________________________________________
date of last tetanus immunization ____________________________________________________________________
other conditions __________________________________________________________________________________
TimberRidge Adventure Center staff is trained to provide the safest activities possible. I understand the campers will be closely supervised and agree that the supervisors, the Kansas Wildlife Federation and its representatives are not responsible in case of injury or illness. I further understand that first aid will be available and that should a serious injury or illness occur, medical or hospital care will be provided. I realize the supervisors will notify me in case of serious injury or illness. However, should they be unable to contact me, Thereby grant my permission and consent for emergency medical or surgical care to be given, as determined necessary by a licensed physician.
Parent or Guardian’s Signature ______________________________________  Date ______________________
I specifically agree to hold the Kansas Wildlife Federation and its representatives harmless as to any claim for damages for any accident or injury of any kind resulting from the participation of my minor ward in the Kansas Wildlife Federation Day Camp activities at TimberRidge, and this “hold harmless guarantee” is specifically granted in consideration of the services by TimberRidge Adventure Center.
Parent or Guardian’s Signature ______________________________________ Date______________________________
Address ___________________________________________________________________________________________
In case of an Emergency please notify: ___________________________________________________________________
Day Phone #-________________________________________________________
Evening Phone #- ________________________________________________________________
Registration is complete after form is signed.