A Million Snow Geese at Squaw Creek National Wildlife Refuge

Over a million Lesser Snow Geese have stopped to refuel on waste corn on farmland surrounding the Squaw Creek Wildlife Refuge recently. These geese are traveling the central flyway and will soon leave to continue their northern migration to nesting grounds in northern Canada and the Arctic. The mature white phase geese are white except for the black underside of their wingtips. The immature white phase geese are a pale grey. A dark phase Snow Goose has bluish-gray upperparts with brownish underparts while retaining the white head & neck.
Their populations have expanded during the last 15 years as they have learned to use waste seed to become better nourished. This has resulted in greater survival rates. If you have the opportunity to visit the refuge, it will be a wonderful experience. The geese spend time on the refuge between 10 am to 3 pm for best viewing. Driving from most places in northeast Kansas is anywhere between an hour & a half to two hours at the most. To see the higher resolution photos visit
-Ted Beringer, Kansas Wildlife Federation