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Muskrat (Ondatra zibethicus)

Muskrat Photo by Peter Stahl

Muskrat Photo by Peter Stahl

Photo by Peter Stahl

The muskrat (Ondatra zibethicus) is found throughout Kansas. It is a large semi-aqautic rodent that lives near slow moving streams, marshes or ponds. They dig entrances into the banks along these waterways to three-feet tall push-ups composed of vegetation and mud. They can remain underwater for fifteen minutes. Muskrats are protected from cold water by a thick fur consisting of two layers of hair. Their tail is flattened vertically. They are smaller than beavers with whom they share an environment and amicable relationship. Muskrats are most active at night but also near dawn and dusk. Muskrats mostly eat cattails, bur reed and other aquatic vegetation like water lily. Because of their eating habits, they play a significant role in determining the vegetation of prairie wetlands. They don’t store food for the winter. They also occasionally eat freshwater mussels, frogs, clams, snails, crayfish, fish, and small turtles. Large hawks and owls, foxes, coyotes and mink prey upon muskrats. Pike may take baby muskrats. Muskrats normally live in groups consisting of a male and female and their young. During the spring, muskrats may fight over preferred territory and potential mates.

2015 Gun-a-week tickets available now!!

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Tickets for the 2015 Gun-a-Week Drawing are available NOW!! Your generous support of Pass It On – Outdoor Mentors efforts to get more kids outdoors has been greatly appreciated. As we prepare to wrap up another great year outdoors with kids, we need your help to grow the program in 2015.

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Your funds are used to pay for licenses that many of these kids can’t afford. We cover the cost of processing when they harvest a deer. Our goal is to make sure every child that wants to participate can do so. But we need your help to make that happen!
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Folks in the outdoor community recognize that the one-time events don’t cut it as far as getting kids to become a hunter (I think the same probably applies to them becoming shooters or fishermen). Again, this is where our program makes a difference. Recruiting mentors who spend at least a couple of days/month involved in outdoor activities with a kid is what it takes, especially with kids who aren’t connected to nature.

Again, your generous donations are what provides Pass It On – Outdoor Mentors with the resources we need to give these kids the opportunity to get outdoors.
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